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Maybelline X MakeupShayla Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascaras

I stopped in Ulta the other day to finally grab my fave face wash and there they were.  

The MakeupShayla X Maybelline Mascaras have been on my wish list for agesssss.

I've always been a fan of Maybelline especially their mascaras. So copping these were basically a no brainer.  And I had to show support to Shayla.  #Blackgirlmagic mmkay?!  Lol.

Not even gonna lie I had very high expectations for these babies and they did not disappoint.

They separate, curl, and lengthen the lashes beautifully.  The wand is so easy to use too! I easily applied three coats and it doesn't even look clumpy.  It definitely provided that falsies look I always desire.  And I have nonexistent lashes soooo.

And the pretty pops of color are just an added bonus in my opinion.  I did notice they dry down a bit darker than when originally applied but I'm not completely mad at it.  I think my fave of the bunch is the blue shade.  I'm a complete sucker for blue.

I adore these so much you guys that I'm actually about to pop the black shade in my handbag. I need it on deck at all times. Haha.

What's your fave Maybelline mascara?!  Hope all is well. Be sure to follow me on snap, IG, and Twitter to keep up with me in real time.  Username is queeenashley. Peace out.



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