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ColourPop No Filter Foundation Dark 155/160/165

Surpriseeee I'm back with another foundation review.  

Sorry not sorry haha.

ColourPop finally released their No Filter Foundation and obviously I picked up three shades: Dark 155Dark 160 and Dark 165.

Dark 155 has a yellow undertone.  And honestly should be my perfect match as soon as this tan fades.  Dark 160 has a neutral undertone and Dark 165 is definitely more red.

Wearing the ColourPop No Filter Foundation in the shades 155 and 160 


I am so impressed. 

Kudos to ColourPop for nailing the shade range.  42 SHADES!!! 

We love a brand that gets it right the first time.  They genuinely care and they clearly listened. 

Yesssss ColourPop!  You.  Did.  That.

The formula is pretty lovely too. 

Fullllll coverage,  matte.  Super pigmented.  I don't have to color correct.   It's easy to blend.   Doesn't look cakey.  Doesn't oxidize.  It doesn't budge and lasts ages.  It looks absolutely stunning on the skin.   I mean flawless.   And it comes with a pump that locks too.

I am so here for it!

Not even gonna lie can't say I'm surprised.  The No Filter Concealer was bomb so obvi the foundation would have great quality too.  

ColourPop always slays. 

Have you tried this foundation yet orrrr.  It's only 12 bucks!

PS another day more "influencers" exposed for their racism.   I'm tired y'all so very tiredT.  *eyeroll* 

What have ya'll been up to?  Hope all is well.  Byeeeee. 



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