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Fenty Beauty blushes have finally entered the chat!!

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream blushes in the shades Summertime Wine, Daiquiri Dip, Crush on Cupid, Strawberry Drip, Rosé Latte

Fenty Beauty blushes have finally entered the chat y'all and I couldn't be happier. 

You know I love me some blush right?

No but seriously if it's blush and by Rihanna of course I want it. Gotta catch them all.  Haha.

Ok but likeeee look at these shades you guys!

I copped the shades Summertime Wine a gorgeous plum,  Daiquiri Dip a vibrant orangish red, Crush on Cupid a really pretty soft pink, Strawberry Drip a vibrant coral pink, and Rosé Latte a reddish brown nude. 

I think my selection alone is a perfect representation of my love for blush btw.

Just saying.

Wearing the *new* Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blushes in the shades Crush on Cupid (L) Summertime Wine (C) and Rosé Latte (R)

Don't get it twisted  though they will all be a part of my stash soon lol. Not gonna lie I prefer powder blushes over cream. And I was a little bummed Fenty didn't release powder ones first. But after playing with these babies for over a month now I think I can definitely say I'm so impressed and I love them. The material is definitely there!!!! Are you surprised? Lol. They're much smaller than I anticipated but after comparing them to a few other brands it's really not that much less product. For reference, they're about the size of Clinque Cheek Pop blushes. The packaging is super cute as per ush too. I've worn every single shade now and yet I still can't pick a favorite. They are super easy to apply. I love the huge variety of colors and each one is pigmented pigmented. You only need a little.  I'll either use a brush or my fingers and voila stunning. They blend beautifully and last forever.  I dunno guys I think these babies are superb. I'm definitely a blush or go home kinda gal and these beauties just make me love them even more. I can't wait to cop the others. 

What shades did you get?

I hope you're doing well and taking care of your mental health during these tough times especially if you're Black. 

PS. How do we feel about these brands not being as diverse and inclusive with in the company as they've claimed to be? Let's be honest we all knew it and I'm not holding my breath for actual change.  Love you bye. 



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