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#FentyFaceFriday Number 14


Hey girl heyy.

I was going for a super natural lewk for this #Fentyface can you tell? In fact I'm only using two Fenty Beauty products in this entire look. Shocker I know. Let's break them down. 

I've been underpainting my eyes using the infamous Pro Filt'R Concealer in the shade 370. Did I mention I've started doing this technique ages ago? To say it has completely changed my makeup game in the best way possible is an understatement. Lol. Anyways, I've raved about this concealer non stop on here. It never disappoints. Still a 10/10. IYKYK. Lol. 

My go to bronzer has definitely been the Sun Stalk'R Bronzer Palette. Which apparently it's been discontinued?? Umm why Fenty Beauty?! Shaking my head. Anyway, I'm wearing the darkest shade in the palette, Thick Mint, with a light touch and it looks so stunning. I mean look at me! Can't tell me nothing. Haha. 

Hope you're doing well.




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