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The red lip all the girlies are raving about!

You know how deep my love goes for a red lip. 

So of course I had to cop the new red all the girlies are raving about.  

Meet your new favorite red Fenty Beauty Fenty Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the shade The MVP

This lip is definitely one for the baddies. 

I mean LOOK AT HER!!! Sorry for yelling lol. So on brand for Fenty Beauty.  I love it. It's bold, vivid, and beautiful. Totally up my alley.  It's super pigmented and comfortable to wear. The formula is so lovely. I'm not sure if I have come across one quite like it. So velvety and smooth. And do you see how white my teeth are?! The MVP indeed.  Well done Fenty.  Lol lol. 

I have not worn a red lip in so long but thanks to this baby I think I am about to change that.  

A must have for any red lipstick junkie. 

Have you tried it yet?!



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