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#FentyFaceFriday Number 16

 Happy #FentyFaceFriday.

Let's get into this face.

Ok but like, how cute is this look?! I went for my ush clean girl makeup look. Typical Ashley. Lol lol. Anyway. I love this look so much.  It's so beautiful and natural ish. Lol. I used OG Pro FilT'R Concealer in the shade 370 to carve out my brows and under the eyes of course. I'm also wearing the Powder Foundation.  Such a bomb ass combo. The gorgeous Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush in the shade Ros√® Latte graces my cheeks.   This shade is so lovely. Perfect when I want to look like a goddess and all bronzy and shit.  And it's Black girl friendly. I love it.  We love it. Speaking of bronze,  I'm using the Sun StalK'R Bronzer in the shade Mocha Mami.  I'll admit this shade wasn't the intended purchase but I have come to adore it so much.  With the lightest touch I sweep it across my forehead and along my cheeks to contour.  It is so beautiful. A lovely reddish brown and another must have for deeper skinned beauties.  Have you tried it? 

How's life?  We love consistency.  Lolololol. Byeeeeeeee.




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