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#ManiMonday!!! - O.P.I "Pink Friday" & "Save Me"

Happy Monday! <3 I needed some girliness in my life so today's #ManiMonday is in O.P.I's Pink Friday and Save Me. Pink Friday is a gorgeous almost pastel pink, while Save Me is a shimmery silver with beautiful holographic hints of colorful glitter.
If Barbie were a nail polish, she'd be Pink Friday. It's the prettiest pink polish; so cute, fun and girly. Save Me adds the perfect touch of glitter. I'm a sucker for anything shimmery, and the holographic hints of glitter make it pure perfection. I just love these two polishes together. The most perfect combination. Everything that being a girl is all about. Love it. Until next time, toodles.

Have a fab week and Happy Memorial Day! x





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