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M.A.C "Honeylove", A New Favorite!

I found myself swooning over M.A.C lipsticks again. Oddly, I was awing more at the nude lippies than the colored ones. Surprise, surprise? So I took yet another plunge and purchased Honeylove, a "light beige toned with rose" matte lipstick. Sighh. I'm told I have a "problem". Whateverrr! ;)

I was extremely nervous Honeylove would be too cool toned for me but it is so amazing. I love it! A "my lips but better" color. Gotta love those matte M.A.C lippies, they glide on so effortlessly and last ages. To deepen the color just a bit I paired it with a Sally's Beauty Supply lip liner. Until next time, toodles.

Find Honeylove HERE





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