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Birthday Kisses - Day 1 Lime Crime "Pansy"

You guysss! My birthday is officially in three daysss !! :) :) :) In celebration of turning 25 ( for the third time haha ) I decided I wanted to share my favorite lippies at the moment with you. For the next few days I'll be sharing my must have lippie loves. Yes, another lipstick series. But you already knew it was coming right?! ;)

First up is my new bestie, Lime Crime Pansy. A breathtaking almost neon purple velvetine that I am OBSESSED with.
 It is so pigmented and it lasts and lasts and lasts some more. Pansy applies so effortlessly The consistency is really wet and creamy and it dries in minutes to an ultra matte finish. You know I love my mattes! The color is seriously pure perfection.  It is so bold and unique and looks completely stunning against my skin tone. It was love at first sight. I think Pansy would look even more gorgeous on deeper toned beauties. Have you tried her yet? I'm going to officially start sulking now. 28 is coming for me and I am NOT ready!! :( Have a lovely week. Toodles. <3
Find Pansy HERE


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