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M.A.C Stunner - The new Perfect Red?!

The love of my life surprised me with limited edition M.A.C Stunner for Xmas (love him!). And I just can't get enough.Yes, another lipstick post. #Sorrynotsorry. What can I say? I'm a feign for lipstick. Haha. :)

I don't know what it is about me and red lippies. I seem to be obsessed with them at the moment. I want them all! You can never ever have enough, right? ;) Stunner is a beautiful true red matte color. Without hesitation I always tend to instantly compare any new red lip purchase to my favee Riri Woo and I honestly must say I love it. (I'll do a comparison of the two soon so won't say much about it now.) Stunner is so vibrant and in your face. A true eye catcher. Just how I like it! ;) It glides on so amazingly. Extremely smooth and effortless. Like butter.  M.A.C claims it to be matte but I find it to be much more of a cream, allowing the formula to feel completely fabulous on the lips, very hydrating. And what happened to the amazing limited edition packaging? M.A.C definitely dropped the ball on that one. Nonetheless, it is a stunning lipstick. I don't have any full face pics at this time but I'll put up one soon. Stay fab! Byeeee. <3



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