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MAC X Cinderella haul

Another day another two lipsticks added to the collection. #Dontjudgeme.

Like every other lipstick junkie, Free As A Butterfly and Royal Ball were necessary to the collection. Free As A Butterfly is a frosted beige color with a lustre finish while Royal Ball is a peachy lustre.

Free As A Butterfly (with a liner)

Royal Ball (with liner)

Alone the two are a no-go but when worn with a liner I actually prefer Royal Ball. A complete shocker! Free As A Butterfly gives me a my lips but glossier (yes, glossier!) effect. Both apply so creamy and smooth, like butter. I honestly wasn't expecting to like either of these and purchased them pretty much for the packaging only. (I guess you could say I've officially ventured into hoarding right? Wrong.) So I am very pleased to have fallen in love (at least for now) with one of them. And lets talk about that fabulous packaging for a sec. I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and it is to die for!! I am so in love. Definitely in my top three favorites for MAC limited edition lippies.

Not going to lie though I am extremely disappointed in the formula of these babies. Why couldn't they be matte? Be women of color friendly on their own? MAC definitely dropped the ball on that one. Sighhh oh well, I guess. What did you pick up from the #MACXCinderella collection, if anything at all? I'll be back with yet another lipstick post Monday. (Are you tired yet? No? Good! *insert blushing emoji here*) Until next time, toodles. It's almost Fridaaayyyy!!! <3



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