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The must have nude lip

And then there was M.A.C Nude. That beautiful dark chocolate brown matte lippie from the Riri Hearts MAC collection I've been dyinggg to get my hands on since forever. And the newest baby to my collection. Eeeekkk! (Thanks Lauren!) Yes another lipstick post. #Sorrynotsorry. ;)

Nude is so gorgeous and was most definitely worth the wait. It is everythingggg.  It's so true to color; the ultimate 90s lip for sure. To be a matte MAC lippie I found the texture surprisingly creamy and a little hydrating. It's one of those lipsticks that would suit any skin tone especially deeper beauties. And would enhance any makeup look.  I freaking love it! It just might be my new fave nude I can't get enough. (Oops did I just say that?) What's your must have nude lip? Until next time, toodles. Happy hump dayyyy! <3



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