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#ManiMonday! - L'Oreal "Julianne's Nude"

I'm obsessed with nudes lately so it was time to pull out the most perfect nude for women of color. Julianne's Nude from the L'Oreal Privee Collection. It is so beautiful; so elegant, chic and classy.

 I've featured this polish on Queen Ashley before and I can't get enough. I absolutely love it. It is such a gorgeous pink-y nude color and compliments my skin tone so well. Application is effortless and the formula is very creamy and gel like. You can build the color as sheer or opaque as you desire and it lasts days before chipping! A dream come true. What's your fave nude nail lacquer?

Two posts in a day I'm on a roll! Haha. Have a lovely night and a fabulous week. <3



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