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Spring & Summer Loves | Lips

Spring has finally sprung. For me spring means daring lips, maxi dresses and open toed shoes. As the warmer months finally approach I instantly start to transition to even more loud and vibrant makeup. It's time to rock those bright, bold all eyes on me lippies. Here's what I'll be wearing. :) 

MAC Riri Woo 
Ok so you shouldn't be surprised that I'm featuring this yet again. Riri Woo always makes some type of appearance especially when the warmer months are here. Every lippie lover should have a true red in their collection and this is mine. I absolutely adore it. It compliments my skin so well, is beautifully bold and feels so fabulous on the lips. It's honestly just so easy to wear. I'm obsessed. (Full post HERE)
MAC Nude 

Nude lips are for every season and this lovely chocolate brown color has stolen my heart. Nude is the ultimate 90s lip. It's great for those days where you want to go with a full on smokey eye and suits deeper skin tones really well. My fave at the moment. (Full post HERE)

MAC Dodgy Girl

I love rocking nothing more than bronzed glowy skin with a fierce, bright lip and Dodgy Girl completely delivers. It's such a perfect pastel-ish lilac color. The texture is a bit creamy to be a matte, so it's very moisturizing on the lips, not drying at all. (Full post HERE)

MAC Flat Out Fabulous
I fell in love with Flat Out Fabulous last summer and I still can't get enough. It is a gorgeous bright, pink lipstick with a plum undertone. It is so unique and eye catching, very flattering and a complete dream for deeper beauties.  (Full post HERE)

Melt Dark Room

Like all other lipstick junkies Dark Room was a must have to the collection. It's such a beautiful beet color that to my surprise, I am totally obsessed with. It's the perfect bold, bad ass lip and I love it. A new favorite for sure! (Full post HERE)

What lipstick will you be rocking this spring and summer?

My apologies as this post was supposed to go up weeks ago. I guess I needed a break. I'll be back with a MAC X Kelly Osbourne dupe tomorrow so stay tuned for that! Good night. <3



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