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MAC Red Carpet Reds | Day 3 "Relentlessly Red"

My love affair with matte lipsticks is still going strong (surprise, surprise?!) and Relentlessly Red is easily a must have to the stash.

I fell in love with this beauty two winters ago (way back when it was my go-to) and am still head over heels in love. Relentlessly Red is a very stunning and unique coral-y red.

It's a retro matte so the texture is intimidating if you tend to have drier lips but it's nothing a little lip balm can't help. Like Riri Woo it lasts and lasts and lasts. And then lasts some more. Every.single.timeee. I find myself at a MAC counter (it doesn't happen as often as you think so no judging!) I always seem to find myself reaching for this baby then putting it right back as soon as I realize I already have it. (Lipstick addict or nah? I say nah! *wink*) I absolutely love it!

 The matte, bright lip is a true winner and if you don't have it already then girlfriend (or guyfriend) what are you doing with your lifeeeee?! Get it already!
Stay tuned for my last (but definitely not least) choice tomorrow. Can you guess which one it is? Toodles.
Find Relentlessly Red HERE


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