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MAC Red Carpet Reds | Day 4 "Stunner"

Stunner is one of the newest lipsticks to my collection. It's a true red and such a universal shade that it will flatter any skin toned beauty.

Not going to lie it was love at first sight. I just knew Stunner would be the one for me. It's so pigmented and the color is beautifully bold and daring. Right up my alley of course. I'm impressed. Stunner is another matte lipstick (you knowww I love my mattes) but the finish actually differs from the other three once on the lips. It's definitely much creamier and glides on with ease, like butter. It even has a hint of a shine and I find it to be oddly hydrating. It's not as deep as Russian Red yet not as cool toned as Riri Woo. It's perfectly in between. If Riri Woo wasn't already my go-to red lip (or any lip for that matter) Stunner would most certainly be my perfect red.

I love a red lip. There's a reason why they're classic. They're so sexy, sophisticated and bold. A red lip never goes out of style and they look great on everyone. Hopefully I have inspired you to find your "perfect" red. Have a fabulous Friday and an even more fabulous weekend!! <3



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