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May Favies

Last month was all about the lips, cheeks and fingertips.

I fell head over heels in love with  Lime Crime Pansy again and life was good. I know, I know. Whyyyy am I still rocking LC like nothing happened you say? Shit happens. I'm over it. Whatev. Anywho, Pansy is all that and a bag of chips. It's a breathtaking almost neon purple velvetine and I love it. (Full post HERE) I FINALLLYY jumped on the bandwagon and picked up Vintage, a beautiful royal purple from Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks and have been wearing it loads. The hype is so real ladies and gents and I am so impressed! Not only is Vintage a truly stunning statement lipstick that completely delivers, it surprisingly lasted ten freaking hours with zero touchups. Pinky swear. (Full post HERE) I've come to the conclusion that I am completely smitten with ColourPop and I'm ok with that. They completely wowed me with their new blusher, Rain and highlighter, Avalon. Rain is the most perfect cool toned purple color with a matte finish. The pigmentation is truly insane. You can sheer it out or build the color to make more of a statement and I'm pretty sure it will suit any skin toned beauty. Avalon is the most beautiful golden bronze highlighter. TO DIE FOR! This will have you glowing for daysss. I can't wait to rock it loads by the pool this summer with nothing more than bold lipstick and lots and lots of mascara. Just how I like it! #Yaaasssss. Like red lips there's nothing better than rocking red tips. (See what I did there haha). Before my nude polish kick Rouge Louboutin was back in my life. Such a gorgeous classic red. I find nothing to be more glam or sexier. I love it. (Full post HERE)
What have you been loving lately? Anyone binge watching Orange is the New Black? I'm four weeks in on this no buy shenanigans! Can it be over alreadyyyy sheesh?! My fiancé says no! Haha.  Happy hump dayyy!! (I seriously think I have ADHD.) Bye. <3




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