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June Favies

 I turned to three staples this month. June was simple, chic and classy.

You guys. I am still rocking Essie Picked Perfect like it is nobodies business. Nude nails please! Five weeks in and lovinggg it. (Full post HERE) And of course after doing my MAC Red Carpet Reds series (HERE) Riri Woo would somehow end up back in my pocketbook. Aaaand there she is. Never fails. That's my best friend. I'm honestly surprised to be featuring this cleanser from Clarins though. It has literally been sitting in my shower for over a year now with little to no use.  After finding out my mall no longer has The Body Shop I was absolutely heartbroken. I really enjoyed their Tea Tree Facial Cleanser. It's amazeballs. I was forced to use an old drugstore brand that I graduated from. After using it for weeks and not seeing the results I so desperately wanted (and needed), I remembered *drum roll please* this guy! Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, vibrant and acne less. I adore. I have to confess though, I've always associated Clarins with the mature woman. (*shrugs*) It's a complete life saver (in a makeup, beauty type of way)! What have you been loving as of late?

If this year could slow down just a bit that would be great! July already?! No seriously. I just turned 25 I'm not ready to turn .. 25 again! Sheesh. :)

I hope your moody Monday was less moody and Monday than mine! Lots of love.



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