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Top 5 (limited edition) MAC lipsticks

After sharing my Top 5 (permanent) MAC lipsticks (HERE) I knew I had to follow up with my most favorite limited editions. I'm not going to lie this was extremely difficult to do as I really do love lipstick. But you already knew that right?!


I'm officially a nude girl but I'm totally okay with that. I have fallen head over heels in love with this beauty and cherish it even more each time I wear it. It compliments smokey eyes so well and is the perfect nude for women of color. And the packaging is absolutely to die for! Obsessed. Full post HERE

Dodgy Girl
I've had this baby foreverrr now and I'll be honest and say I completely slept on it. I decided to pull it out to play a few months ago and have fallen for it hard ever since. You know I have a sweet spot for purple lippies and Dodgy Girl gives me so much life. It is gorgeous!

Riri Woo
Bahahaha no introduction needed right? I won't bore you since I literally obsess about this lippie too much but I really do love it. Full post HERE

Bad Girl Riri
The most gorgeous nude lipstick everrr. (Nude is a close second.) It looks so natural and suits my skin tone perfectly. The packaging is just a plus. So girly and glam. I love it. Full post HERE

Pleasure Bomb
I started wearing this right when my love for pink lipstick began. Pink lipsticks should make you feel flirty and pretty the second it's applied and Pleasure Bomb does just that. It is so perfect! My fave pink lip hands down and yet another that just so happens to be from the Riri Hearts MAC collection. (I see a pattern here.) Full post HERE

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks? I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! The boo and I lit fireworks for the first time yayy! Until next time, toodles. Happy moody Monday! <3



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