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ColourPop liquid lipstick haul

News of ColourPop ultra matte liquid lipsticks hit the beauty world and I decided I needed (there's that word again) them in my life. I picked up seven stunning lipsticks in an array of colors. No buy say what?! ColourPop gets all the coins. Say hello to my little friends.

It's the perfect cross between red and orange and is absolutely TO DIE FOR! Succulent is a head turner for sure. I'll be honest I wasn't expecting to love this one as much as I do but it has become a fast favorite and I plan on wearing it tonsss this week. 


Creeper is absolutely breathtaking. It's a beautiful true red color that I completely cherish. Because sometimes you just need another red lipstick haha.


Drive In is a beautiful pink with a purple undertone. It is so vibrant and fun to wear. I surprisingly found it resembles another not so popular (anymore) liquid lipstick. More on that later. I'm obsessed.


Lychee was a must have (of course). It's a beautiful warm violet and is pure perfection. There's something about a bad ass purple lip. I need them all haha.


We all know I live for statement lips and Highball perfectly delivers. Hands down one of the prettiest pinks I have ever seen and the one I was most excited about. It is so electric and neon. But that's what I love it about it the most! It is the epitome of all things girly. Looooove it!


A stunning fuschia. I absolutely adore how striking it looks against my tone and can't wait to rock it more in the next few weeks. It's not too neon or deep and I'm truly obsessed.

A vampy red. This is the color I imagine Melt's 6six6 was going for. Don't get me wrong, 6Six6 is definitely a bad bitch but LAX is badder. I love it. To be honest there was hesitation on picking it up but I have grown to love and adore it so much. Ok ColourPop you win with this one. Yaaaassss.

These ultra matte liquid lips are everythinggg and have quickly become my go to lip product. Only one application needed for in your face pigmentation. The formula is so soft and lightweight and they literally dry in seconds. (Yes, seconds!)  I am so impressed. Yet again ColourPop has stolen my heart (and my money haha) but I wouldn't have it any other way. ColourPop you did that. (three snaps in a z!) What lippies did you snag? Lots of love.

Check them out HERE



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