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A Lime Crime Utopia drugstore dupe

 Another day another drugstore dupe. I seem to have a thing for buying doubles. Le sighhhh.

 It's no secret I'm completely gaga for Lime Crime's Utopia. It is absolutely everythinggg. What dreams are made of! The prettiest vibrant orchid I've ever laid my eyes on. (Full post HERE) To my surprise I actually found a dupe that just so happens to be from ColourPop. Told you they always deliver. PS, yesss I'm still rocking LC #dontjudgeme.

Lime Crime Utopia

ColourPop Drive-In

They're both such lovely colors. I do find Utopia to have a hint more of purple undertone. However, it isn't noticeable on the lips. Surprisingly the ColourPop ultra matte lip wears much more comfortably, very soft and lightweight.  And lasts much longer almost an entire shift. Ummm yaaaaaasssss. I'm a sucker for a beautiful lip with gorgeous packaging but if I can get all that plus at an affordable price yes please!! Drive-In is the way to go. ColourPop gets all the coins yet again.

I hope your weekend was as fabulous as you are! The last weeks of summer are here. Tear! Nooo I'm not readyyy haha!! PSS I just got another Lime Crime dupe in the mail. Don't worry I planned this one! :) Stay tuneddd. Lots of love.




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