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ColourPop liquid lipstick haul part two

You know I'm so head over heels in love (aka obsessed haha) with something when that's allllll I want to talk about right?! Oh you're not tired of these yet? No?! Ok good. And yes I'm still referring to my ColourPop liquid lipstick boos. They are everythingggg. Round two haul. #Yaaaaaasssssss.

 Trap is so stunning. It has purple undertones that will flatter any skin toned beauty. I immediately had to pair it with a black smokey eye. Omg love! I normally don't fall for the hype but it is sooooo real ladies and gents. Trap is life. My new fave nude?! Maybeeee. *wink*


Koala is a beautiful and very bold pastel purple. For bad bitches only. It's crazy pigmented! All eyes on us just how we like it right? You've been warned. And it doesn't make your teeth look yellow. Win-win. I actually picked this up for a special surprise. Make sure to stay tuned.

Not going to lie I normally wouldn't pick up a color like this but it just had to go in my cart. I will be honest though I was expecting it to be less pastel and more neon but nonetheless it is a really pretty everyday pink if that's your thing.

I've been reaching for pinks loads this summer and Sundae is nothing less than gorgeous. It has tiny flecks of iridescent purple that make it so girly and fun. I love it! No, like seriously, who am I?!


I love a good purple lip. Zipper is so fabulous! A beautiful deepened purple. One of my faves for sure! In fact it may just be one of my fave purples ever as the color is so unique. To be honest I was originally going to pass this baby up but I am so very pleased that I didn't. 

Did you pick anything up at the restock? I hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are. Byeeee. Lots of love.



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