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A Lime Crime Rave drugstore dupe


 What's better than one beautiful purple lipstick? Two. Haha I found another Lime Crime dupe heyyy.

Lime Crime Rave

ColourPop Koala

If these aren't damn near identical then I don't know what is. They're both such beautifully and very bold pastel purples. Not going to lie they're definitely not for the faint hearted. But totally right up my alley. For bad bitches only I guess *wink*.

If I'm honest I actually prefer Koala. It's equally if not more pigmented, wears much more comfortably and lasts much longer. And of course you can't beat that price. Hellloooo six bucks?! Sold. ColourPop really is taking over. Bahahahaaa I guess I really am completely obsessed with these damn ultra matte lips. They're everything. And don't forget if you're one of those anti Lime Crime peeps it's perf for you. I'm down for the cause. Let's keep it real here, the ColourPop liquid lipstick is the way to go. You need it!

I hope everyone is enjoying their mini vacay. I know I am. Off to the pool yet again yayyyy! PS new amazing things are happening stay tunedddd. Byeeee. <3

Find Koala HERE



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