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August Favies

August consisted of nothing more than lips, lips and more lips. Oh and a bit of cakeface and nails thrown in there somewhere.

Yet again ColourPop has stolen my heart (and my money haha) but I wouldn't have it any other way. These ultra matte liquid lips are everythinggg and have quickly became my go to lip product. I've legit been wearing them since they were released. The formula is so soft and lightweight and pigmentation is insane with only one swipe needed. I'm completely obsessed with Trap, Zipper and Creeper at the moment. I honestly think Trap might be in my top three nudes. Yes I said it.You neeed!! (Full post HERE) No matter how far I stray away from MAC I always seem to find my way back to their lippies. If I'm not rocking a liquid lipstick Stone and Men Love Mystery from MAC The Matte Lip Collection have been on my lips. I can not get enough. Welcome back MAC you were gone there for a while! Sorry but it had to be said. Anywho, Stone is so perfect and beautiful and Men Love Mystery is such a pretty unique purple. You need them both. You're welcome. (Full post HERE and HERE) Can you believe I've been dyinggg to wear a full face of makeup lately? I feign for it. Of course I've been reaching for my Naked 2. It was bound to happen. I really do love it. Hello dark black smokey eyes with the nude lip and the hoop earrings I missed you. Bahahaha I'm baaaack! No but for real, it is my favee. If your familiar with Queen Ashley you'd know the F64 Soft Blend Sigma Concealer Brush  (long name or nah?) is my holy grail. The bristles are so soft on my skin and  I've never blended concealer so fast and evenly. It literally takes me seconds. A dream! What was life before? Haha no but seriously. I still need to buy a backup. Stat. (Full post HERE). I did it! I wore Essie Picked Perfect til the end of summer just like I said I would. Well technically anyway the bottle has reached it's no more manis stage. Tear! I miss it so much haha. My perfect nude. PS anyone know if it's limited edition?! I've searched everywheree no bueno. (Full post HERE). What have you been loving as of late?

I'm totally bummed it's officially the end of August and summer is practically over. Where did the time go? Byeee.



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