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Your New Favorite Purple Lip

Meet your new favorite purple.

Or at least mine. Obvi I'm referring to bomb ass Kourt K from Kylie Cosmetics. Sigh I really do hate it when I fall for hype you guys but the second I saw it MINE! This is seriously my lip. It's honestly the prettiest dark plum and surprisingly I own nothing like it. And I have an extensive purple lip collection so that's kind of sort of maybe saying a lot by the way. I'm definitely impressed. I adore it so much that I've already worn it twice and I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it all summer long. I just really, really like bold lips, ok? Haha. Plus I just love how absolutely stun-ning it looks with my boo thang Champagne Pop. I'm wearing it in this pic. Yessss.  

 I live for a good purple lip and Kourt K most definitely does not disappoint. I love it. I love it. I love it. Have you picked her up yet? What are you waiting for? Just do it. And thank me later. Trust me. Haha. Ok I think I'm gonna go put it back on right now. Obsessed. Happy almost Friday!!!! Byeeee. <3



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