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Tarteist X MakeupShayla Contour Palette

Of course I needed the Tarte X MakeupShayla Tarteist Contour Palette

Yes, needed. Absolutely. It's a gorgeous palette and ... drum roll please ... designed specifically for people of color. Yes please!

 I  like to use the second darkest shade to carefully carve out my still non existent cheekbones. Tear. But lately I have been a bit of a daredevil and started throwing the darkest shade into the hollows of my cheeks. I really like how well the two pair together. And they're extremely pigmented. And super easy to blend. I actually prefer these two over the darkest shade in the original Tarteist Contour Palette. My original go to for contouring. They have more of a reddish undertone to them where I find the shade in the original palette is more like a muddy brown. Anyway back to the palette. I absolutely adore the blush. It's like a really pretty coral-y pink color.  It doesn't appear that pigmented when swatched on the hand but when worn on the cheeks. Omg stunning! It's perfect for everyday and warms the skin beautifully.  Ok so I'm going to be honest here, upon first application I absolutely hated the corrector (banana shade). I know. Hate is a strong word. But I have been using it to set my foundation and concealer lately and I must say I have grown to like it. It doesn't make my skin look ashy and it sets my makeup wonderfully. Not what it was intended for, I know, but we can make it work. So you know I live for a good highlight and it completely pains me to say this but I am just not completely sold on the highlighters. The lighter shade totally reminds me of ABH Tourmaline from the Sun Dipped Glow Kit, but with a lot less sheen. We all know how I feel about that one. (If not read it HEREand the bronzy shade just isn't .. enough. But that's ok. I'm sure it would look gorgeous as a blush.

Props to Tarte for finallllyy releasing a contour palette designed specifically for warmer beauties but  I can't help but to feel a liiittle disappointed that they waited so long. It should've automatically been an option and I'm quite frankly tired of people of color being excluded. Helloooo it's 2016 get it together! Anyway, I still think the Tarteist X MakeupShayla Contour Palette is an ah-mazing product and if you're one of those deeper beauties on the hunt for a perfect contour shade, you should already have this in your cart. You need it. Thank me later.

PS I'm still on the hunt for a bad ass contour brush sooo let me know! Ok bye.



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