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Eyebrows on Fleek

Fun fact. I've been using a Maybelline single eyeshadow to fill in my brows for abouuut four years.

And then one day that all changed. I thought the new ColourPop Brow Set  would be a great alternative to the infamous but pricey Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz so had to get my hands on Bangin' Brunette. At first I was a little bummed cause Black N' Brown, the one I originally had my eye on, I hear sold out in a millisecond. But I do really love it and think it's a perfect match. I prefer to use the pencil instead of the gel form since it's quick and super easy to use.  I will just first use soft strokes in an upward motion for the front and color the rest in after lining my entire brow. After filling them in I quickly go over them with my spoolie to even out the color and take care of any spots I may have missed. I find it looks really natural and is super pigmented. You literally only need a little.

I've been using it since they were first released. I love it so much. It's extremely affordable and like the norm for ColourPop has amazing quality.  Definitely holy grail status. I'm impressed. I'm even thinking about picking up Black N' Brown just to see if it matches even more.  We will seeeee.

Have you tried this yet?! What are you waiting for? Ok byeee.



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