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Karrueche X ColourPop Haul

I'm normally not a glossy girl and haven't been for years.

But for some reason these beauties from the ColourPop X Kaerruche collection completely intrigued me. I picked up three gorgeous glosses and one stunning ultra matte lip.

From left to right: Lychee Me, Fudg'd, Stain, Saigon 

The glosses feel so creamy and surprisingly not sticky at all like most I've tried.  I'm looking at you MAC. But instead kind of hydrating and very comfortable. They can be a bit on the sheer side but that's nothing to be expected. And they are crazy affordable which is always a plus.  I've been using them as toppers for my liquid lipsticks especially one in particular, Lychee Me. It's this stunning nude that I normally wouldn't be dead caught in but as of late I've really been enjoying it. More on that later. Who knows, they just might be the products I needed to transform me and make me officially become an all the time gloss girl. You know I've been all about nude lips at the moment and I think Saigon, the ultra matte, just might be the one to get me out of that funk. Not that I'm not enjoying all nude everythang because I totally am. But it's this remarkable warm toned red I absolutely adore it. It made me fall back in love with color. Just in time for the holiday season. 

So if you can, make sure to snatch up this collection before they're discontinued. By the way that's tomorrow so better make it quick! Thank me later. K byeeee.



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