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Saying Yes to MAC Sunbasque

So I made a list of MAC blushes that I wanted to try a few weeks ago and Sunbasque was next to cross off thanks to the boo thang.  

MAC claims it to be a peach with pearl shimmer but I find it leans much more on the nude side with just a hint of red shimmer on my skin tone. Making it a stunning bronzy glow. I've been wearing it for weeks now and haven't used any other blusher since. It's super pigmented, pairs well with any look and definitely fits right in with my bronzy, nude makeup phase I'm still currently going through. You know the type. Like a perfectly been in the sun all day, tanning and floating in the pool, sun kissed kinda look. Also known as my jam. So of course I'm absolutely in love. Of course. 

Wearing MAC Sunbasque blush 

Sooo guys what I'm basically saying is that I think I've found the most perfect everyday nude blush for brown girls. Go on ahead and add this to your list too. You'll love it. I can guarantee it. 

I guess I officially understand all of the hype behind MAC blushes. Too bad I'm on a no buy now ugh. The rest of my list will have to be placed on hold.  Wish me luck! I'll definitely need it bahahaha. No, but seriously. *insert sad face emoji here* By the way I'm FINALLLY back to blogging regularly so stay tuned for Friday's post and make sure to like my Facebook page Queen Ashley. Ok bye. 



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