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A Kylie Cosmetics Haul

I found myself seriously stalking Kylie's website a few months back and finally decided to give into temptation.  I picked up two gorgeous lip kits.  Sorry not sorry!


Brown Sugar
Of course I'm still rocking this beauty like it's my job.  Brown Sugar has literally become my current go to.  It's my fave nude at the moment.  It's like a really pretty muted true nude color.  Legit every.single.time. I put it on I have to convince myself to take it off.  It is that bomb you guys.  When Kylie said this is the perfect nude for people of color ya'll she was not playing.  I can pair it with any look or completely by itself and it slays. I freaking love it.  PS I'll be sharing a lip swatch of it in tomorrow's post so make sure to stay tuned for that.  :)

Love Bite
This color is stunningggg.  I can't even lie the second I saw this baby MINE!  It was honestly love at first sight.  At first glance I thought it looked really similar to ColourPop Are & Be but it's much more of a purple nude if that makes sense.  When I say this is everything you guys I really mean it.  I lolololoooooove Love Bite.  See what I did there?  Haha.  Now go ahead and add it to your cart.  I'll wait.  I'll also be sharing a lip swatch of this in Saturday's post so make sure to come back for that.  If you can't wait that long there's already one over on my Instagram: queeenashley  ;)

Ok so who saw the limited edition holiday lip kit's on Kylie's snapchat?!  Can you believe the holidays are already here?  This year went by wayyyy too fast.  I can't.  Make sure to follow me on snapchat to see what I'm up to in real time.  Username is queeenashley.  Byeeeee. <3



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