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The MAC blush that doubles as a highlighter

I stumbled upon another swoon worthy product from MAC.  Meet Trace Gold blusher.  A really pretty gold with lots and lots of shimmer.

It's really sheer but it actually packs a lot of pigment.  If that makes any sense haha.  It blends seamlessly into the skin but I do find it can emphasize textured skin a bit more than I'm used to.  But that's totally ok.  It provides just a hint of that beautiful sun kissed look we just love and adore.  Subtle yet totally buildable.  It also works really well as a blush topper.  It's so versatile it would enhance any one beautifully.  What I love the most about this blush though is it also totally doubles as a highlighter.  Providing a gorgeous healthy glow.  Or you can pack it on and glow til your heart desires.  I'm all about a two in one product and this one is wonderful.

Trace Gold is honestly such a hidden treasure.  It isn't one that I would normally gravitate toward but I'm so very pleased I found it.  I'm pleasantly surprised.  It's gorgeous and I imagine would work well for any skinned toned beauty.

I hope you've had a great start to the week.  Remember to live, laugh and love. Ok bye.



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