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4 Red Nail Polishes for Christmas Day

Red nails for the holidays?  Groundbreaking.

Haha.  No but seriously.  I just love rocking red fingertips during the holiday season.  You can never go wrong.  So here are some of my absolute fave red nail lacquers for Christmas Day.

From left to right: OPI 'OPI By Popular Vote', OPI 'Red Hot Rio', Essie 'She's Pampered', OPI 'Can't Read My Lipstick'

OPI OPI By Popular Vote
If full on red just isn't your thing then this one is for you.  OPI By Popular Vote is much more of a berry red color.   Like most OPI polishes there's minimal chipping and the formula is so fab leaving my nails with a lovely gel like finish.  No top coat necessary blah blah blah.  I love it.

OPI Red Hot Rio
This red just screams sexy.  It's bold.  It's fierce.   It looks absolutely amazing on brown skin and is easily a must have for this season.  Red Hot Rio is all that and a bag of chips.   This was actually my go to red this summer I loved it.

Essie She's Pampered
A beautiful, bright red with a hint of pink undertones.   It's a gorgeous twist on the traditional red polish and so perfect for the holidays.  It applies like a dream and leaves a very pretty glossy finish.  This was my go to perfect red a couple years ago.   I could not get enough.  It's very elegant, flirty and chic.  Love.

OPI Can't Read My Lipstick
I love a good oxblood red nail lacquer.   This is easily my newest obsession.   In fact,  I just so happen to have this beaut as a mani and pedi at the moment.   It's bold, classy, sexy and in your face.  A true show stopper.  And how adorbs is the name?  I'll be wearing this for sure Christmas Day.  Thank you very much.  (Full post HERE

What red polish will you be wearing this holiday?  Can you believe 2016 is coming to an end?!  I can't. Haha.  Toodles.



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