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Brown Lips Forever

Brown lips forever .. I guess. 

Can you blame me though?  I mean look at this shade.  

I know I say this all the time but it was honestly love at first sight.  ColourPop Embellish completes me.  Haha.  It's a perfect deep brown almost black color.  I feel like a complete bad ass when I wear it.  All eyes on me.  Just how we like it right?!  Right.  It's so bold and daring.  I swear this shade was made for me.

And it's an ultra matte so basically feels like velvet on the lips.  I love it so very much.  It also pairs really well with any look.  In the pic above I paired it with MAC Sunbasque blusher and a golden highlight and kept the lid bare with lashes only.  Basic but still glam AF.  Loved it.

I wore this baby around the holiday last month and it was everything I expected it to be.  Absolutely.  If you're a dark lipstick lover,  you need this.  If you're a person of color,  you need this. No explanation needed you guys Embellish is bomb AF.  It is everything and more I really mean it.  And now I think I need a backup.  My deep chocolate babies you need this!  This is your perfect nude lip.  I promise.

It's so funny cause I'm normally rocking some fave red lip around this time of year.  But this winter I'm like no.  That's just not happening.  Haha.  Oh the joys of makeup.  Have you heard that new J. Cole album yet?!  Finallyyyy.  Real music.  Sorry not sorry!  PS yay today marks the first snow of the year.  I'm so happy haha!  *insert heart eyes emoji here*

What's your favorite winter lip? 



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