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Color Me Red for the Holidays

In my book, red lips are required during the holiday season.

So today I decided to share my favorite MAC red lipsticks perfect for the festivities.  Since it is the most wonderful time of the year after all haha!

Russian Red
Russian Red was seriously made to make you stand out.  It's a beautiful classic deep red.  It's so bold, daring and sexy.  The formula is pretty impressive too.  I could've sworn it was a satin but it's actually a matte.  I love that.   I can't even lie I only fell completely in love with this baby this year,  even though I've had it for yearssss.  But omg do I love it!  It's the perfect holiday appropriate lip.

Relentlessly Red
I stumbled upon this beauty a few winters ago and instantly fell in love.  I used to wear it faithfully.  I literally could not get enough.  It's like a really pretty red with coral and pink undertones.  It's so unique.  And so very matte.  It is the epitome of chic and glam and I love it so much.  And you should too!

If full on red just isn't your thing then this is the one for you.  It's much more of an orangey red with a matte finish.  Funny story, when I first picked this up I originally thought it was a full on bright ass orange but I tried it on again a few days ago and it definitely leans red.  I'm so surprised but I actually love it!  I think I'll be wearing it pretty soon.  It can be a bit drying though so don't forget to exfoliate!

What's your favorite red to wear around the holiday season?  Can you believe I've finished my holiday shopping already?!  I love the internet haha.  PS today kicks off my #everydayDecember series!  I'll be sharing new content with you guys every single day for the month of December.  Yay!  I hope you enjoy.  And happy almost Fridayyyy!  <3



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