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No Makeup Makeup

Every now and then I desire a no makeup makeup look.  You know the type.  A little highlighter there.  Concealer.  Mascara.  Done.

These products are basically what I'm reaching for when I want to look as put together as possible while still appearing natural, with the least amount of makeup.  It's possible.  Trust me.

 Maybelline FiT Me Concealer 
My go to for those nasty under eye dark circles.  Also known as my ride or die concealer.  It doesn't take much to cover them, blends easily and matches my skin tone perfectly.  And it's super affordable.    If you haven't tried this concealer by now WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  Like seriously.

ColourPop Brow Pencil 'Black N' Brown'
Tamed brows are always necessary so filling in my brows are a must.  I'm still using my favorite brow pencil from ColourPop except in a darker shade now since I have jet black hair again. ( Yay! )  I'll just first use soft strokes in an upward motion for the front and color the rest in after lining my entire brow.  After filling them in I quickly go over them with my spoolie to even out the color and take care of any spots I may have missed.  It's quick, super easy to use and looks really natural.  Andddd it's only five bucks!   Or is it six?  Wellllll, you get the point haha.

Becca X Jaclyn Hill 'Champagne Pop' Highlighter
I don't care how much makeup I'm wearing, no look is ever complete without a highlighter.  I mean, duh.  Of course I'm reaching for my boo thang Champagne Pop.  I find it compliments my "no makeup makeup" look the best.  And can we talk about the amazingggg glow this baby gives?!  Got me out here looking like a golden goddess haha.  I love it.  I also like to place this in the inner corner of my eye for maximum glow.  And it makes me appear more awake.  Just cause I'm not wearing a full face doesn't mean I still can't shine like a disco ball!  Am i right?!

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
Mascara is easily in my top three must have beauty items of all time.  I'm still using fave Too Faced Better than Sex til I find my way to the drugstore.  It allows my barely there lashes to have tons of volume and length.  And it is so jet black.  So important.

Now tell me, what are some of your favorite go to products when you want a less is more look?  It's Friday heyyyy!  Enjoy your weekend.  Ok bye.



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