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My new fave lip combo

This nude lip combo has been in heavy rotation lately.  IG and snapchat fam you know exactly what I'm talking about!

I swear I'm trying my hardest to steer clear of these tones you guys but somehow they keep pulling me back in haha.   What can I say?  I'm obsesseddddd.  They complete me lol.  Sorry not sorry!

From left to right: Limbo, Tansy

And of course both shades just so happen to be from ColourPop.  Shocker, I know haha.   I'll just first apply a thin layer of Limbo, a gorgeous true brown color in an ultra matte formula.  Let it dry completely down.  And then go in with Tansy, this really pretty medium-toned nude with a teeny tiny hint of yellow undertone in a satin formula right in the center.   And done.

I'm normally not one to custom mix my lipstick shades but I must admit I feel like a complete bad ass when I wear this combo.  All eyes on me.  Just how we like it right?!  Right.  It's so bold and daring and goes with pretty much every single look.  I've worn it both with zero eye makeup and a bronzed smokey look and they both looked absolutely fab.   I love it.

Who knows.  Maybe I'll start mixing more shades together.   What's your fave lip combo of the moment?!  And the countdown continues by the way.  24 DAYSSSSS!!!!!!  Ugh.  Ok bye.



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