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2016 Beauty Favorites

Wearing a full face of makeup was a huge, life changing thing for me in 2016.  I found so many staple products.

Priming is key and that's where the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer comes in.  I've constantly raved about this on my blog.   It's super affordable, has super cute packaging and literally smooths out any imperfections instantly.  Perfect for applying makeup.

It was the year of finallllyy trying out numerous foundations and learning to properly apply them.  My faves without a doubt are easily the L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation and the ABH Stick Foundation.   They match my skin tone perfectly, provide medium to full coverage all while still managing to look like skin.  I still haven't decided which shade matches me better in the stick foundation (Amber or Cool Golden) so more recently I've been coctaliling the two. I've also been using them as concealer for my under eye dark circles.  Works like a charm.  (Full post HERE and HERE)

You should honestly already know Im still carving out these still non existent cheek bones with the Tarteist X MakeupShayla Contour Palette.  I'm still using the lightest shade.  It's super pigmented, blends beautifully and smells like chocolate.  Ummm yes. (Full post HERE)

Along with foundation, 2016 was  my year for blush.  The Becca X Jaclyn Hill Chapmagne Face Palette, Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette and MAC Sunbasque sheer tone shimmer blush were all equally truly loved.  I've basically been living in Amaretto, Baby Love, and Sunbasque.  All nude-ish colors. Of course lol. (Full post HERE and HERE)

Bathing in highlighter is pretty much my favorite hobby.  So Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop are still easily two of my favorite highlighters of all time.  No matter what new highlighter I try I always seem to find my way back to one of these.  They're so golden and beautiful.  I love it.  The ABH The Ultimate Glow Kit has also slayed my entire existence this year.  Again, I'm all about that golden glow and let me tell you this is it.  (Full post HERE and HERE)

I only recently started getting back into wearing eyeshadow full time so I don't have many faves in the eyeshadow department but the ABH Master Palette by Mario was on point.  Literally what dreams are made of.  That olive green color?!  TO DIE FORRRR!!!!  Haha no but seriously.  Anastasia seriously demanded respect in 2016.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for this year! (Full post HERE)

No look is complete without a setting spray and I literally use this for everything.  Highlight.  Eyeshadow.  Set my face.  Everything!  You name it.  The first 11 months I was all about the Wet N' Wild Setting Spray.  It's super cheap and brings life back to the skin.  Win-win.  As of late though.  And thanks to the boo thang might I add, the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water has had my heart.  I wore it Christmas Day and would you believe almost nine hours later my makeup looked like I literally just applied it?!  I'm still in shock.  I see us becoming best friends this year.  Like for real haha.

Ok now lips.  So this category was the absolute hardest for me.  I meeeean, I am a self proclaimed lipstick junkie soooo.  There were so.many.amazing. lipsticks I wore for weeks straight.  But I guess it's safe to say nude lips - and liquid lipstick, completely dominated my lipstick choices in 2016.   ColourPop Tansy and Kylie Cosmetics Brown Sugar were my boo thangsss.  I kid you not.  In the past six months alone nine times out of ten I've had one of these babies on.  Time and time again.  I can not get enough.  I love themmmm. <3 (Full post HERE

Oh no I forgot brows!  And powder.  I'm not baking much anymore these days except under my contour to define it a bit more.  That's where the infamous Ben Nye Banana Powder comes into play.   For brows I'm still using the super underrated ColourPop Brow Pencil in Banging' Brunette.  It looks really natural, has amazing quality and of course is cheap AF.  Love it.  (Full post HERE

What were some of your favorites for 2016?!  I've already made my first purchase of the year.  And of course it's from ColourPop.  Oops.  Lol.  Lol.  I hope you beauts have had an amazing start to the New Year!  Let's get it.  PS my birthday is officially in 26 days.  SEND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!



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