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New In | MAC X Selena

Meet my new favorite blush/bronzer duo: MAC X Selena Techno Cumbia Powder Blush Duo.  No but seriously.  I was sleeping on this you guys.  But not anymore!  Lol.  

Look at that packaging.  Oh em gee.   Hello gorgeous!  I meaaan, who doesn't love purple?  Check.

I've worn it every single day since I've had it and I must say I love it.  The bronzer is in the shade Blunt.  It's super pigmented and honestly I'm completely shocked it showed up on my NC45 skin tone.  It's really natural.  Or you can build it up like crazy and create a more defined contour.  I like my bronzers to have more of a reddish brown tone to it and it provided just that.  That's what sold me I think.   And the blush?  Wow.  Again.  Super pigmented.  Super natural.  It's like a soft flush of pink with a just a teeny tiny hint of red.   I wore it for 9 hours one day and it looked absolutely amazing.  I'm so impressed.  I think I need a backup now haha.  It totally makes me regret not picking up the Riri duo.  Tear!

And it's still in stock.  Grab it while you can!  PS is it just me or are MAC blushes getting smaller by the way?  Maybe it's me.  Ok bye.



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