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An Ode to Maybelline

Maybelline has always been one of my favorite cosmetics brands.  Literally everything I try I fall in love.  So today I'm sharing my must haves.

FaceStudio Master Concealer
I only recently rediscovered my love for this.   I honestly forgot how amazing this concealer is.  So bomb!  I do find the shade range to be pretty poor for people of color.   Not even gonna lie.  But it does have amazing full coverage so I'll give them a pass.   But only a little lol lol.   I do find this one can get a bit ashy though so I like to color correct first before applying to counteract that.  It brightens the tone beautifully.  I love me a full coverage concealer that blends wonderfully and this one totally delivers.   It is so good and you absolutely need it.

Maybelline FiT Me Concealer
Bahaha are you tired of hearing about this one yet?!  No?  Ok good!  Lol no but seriously this is my holy grail concealer.  Hands down.  I discovered it years ago and haven't stopped loving it since.   I would literally have backups on top of backups you guys!   (I only recently ran out womp.)  It doesn't look cakey and provides a very flawless finish.   I even hear this is a dupe for the Nars Sheer Glow Concealer so there's that.  I find a powder isn't even necessary when wearing and it matches my skin tone perfectly.   I love love LOVE this concealer.   I need to restock stat.

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
No introduction needed am I right?!  Lol this baby has been around for agesssss.   It's been one of my go to's for priming for years.  I love it so much.   It instantly smooths out any imperfections I'm having for the day and helps a full face last all day long.  A little goes a long way.   I actually used this on my cousin when I did her makeup one day and she loved it so much she went out and purchased her own tube hours later.  It really is that amazing.   Trust me.

FiT Me Foundation
Guys.   I've had this foundation in my stash for yearssss but only recently learned how to properly apply it.   Sighhh.   I need to get it together I know.   Lol lol.  It is so amazing.  It has more of a matte finish and coverage is medium but easily buildable.  It's very lightweight on the skin and every time I wear it I feel flawless.   Like almost photoshopped.   I love this foundation so much that I actually have it in three different shades.   The love is real.   Haha.

Falsies Mascara
Also known as the OG mascara.  Haha.  No but seriously this mascara will always be a fave.   It really does provide that falsies look I always desire to my (still) non existent lashes.   And it doesn't  even start to look clumpy after multiple layers.   Very important.

I must apologize as yet again I'm behind on posts.  Sighhh.  I've been trying to focus more on my health so don't get too mad.  Haha.  I'll be back to the regularly scheduled program next week for sure so make sure to come back for that.   What are some of your must have products from Maybelline?  Be sure to follow along on snap or IG to keep up with me in real time.   Username is queeenashley.  Happy Fridayyyy!!!  Ok bye.   <3



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