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Shopping My Stash

I'm not sure if you know this.  But ya girl has been on a very strict no buy for the past couple months.    I know right WHO AM I?!  Lol.   The only shopping I've been doing as of late, is from my own stash.    So today I'm sharing those items I've recently rediscovered.

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette
Ok so honestly I don't always remember to use this in my makeup routine.  But when I do it makes such a huge difference.   That's where the orange shade comes in to play.    I've become more aware of my hyper pigmentation and discoloration lately so color correcting these days is a must.   I'll just pop it on whatever discoloration I'm having for the day, apply whatever foundation I'm loving at the moment on top, and blend away.   Done.  Flawless. (Full post HERE)

ColourPop Brow Colour Gel in Bangin' Brunette
My second time trying this and I definitely have to say I am a fan.   It's super effortless to use and looks really natural.   Something I was completely shocked about.   It's pretty pigmented too.   I'm so impressed and am kind of happy I ran out of my HG ColourPop Brow Pencil.   Issa yes for me.  :)

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Concealer
I forgot how full coverage and absolutely amazing this concealer is.   So bomb!   I do find this one can get a bit ashy if I don't color correct though.   And the shade selection is pretty poor.   But other than that this baby is wonderful and I absolutely love it.   You need it.

Kylie Cosmetics Brown Sugar Lip Pencil
It's no secret Brown Sugar ultra matte lipstick is still my go to lip.   Unfortunately that's on it's last leg and I wasn't ready to fork out the cash for another one.   Sighhh.   So then I had this awesome idea: The pencil.   Omg what a lifesaver!   Lol.   The love is so real.   I forgot how much I love her liners btw.   They're super creamy and pigmented.   And you can sharpen them too.   They actually remind me of the ColourPop ones.

Wet N' Wild Setting Spray
Also known as one of my fave setting sprays ever.   It's super affordable and it does a really good job.     To stay fresh and look less cakey I spritz my face about a half dozen times and it brings life back to the skin beautifully.   It also makes a full face last an entire day.   Absolutely necessary.   I love it.

CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer in Brown Bronze and Ebony Bronze
Wow!  Talk about a throwback.   I haven't used these in ages you guys omg.   I like my bronzers to have more of a red tone to them and these totally deliver.   They're super easy to build and they're really pigmented.   Nonetheless,  unfortunately I will no longer be supporting CoverGirl and will be tossing these in the trash stat as it looks like they have no plans on firing racist James Charles.   Google it.   Such a shame too.   These were my first bronzers I ever purchased.   *Eyeroll*

I think I'll be starting a Shopping My Stash series.   Who knows?!   I may be on a no buy for forever.   Haha tear!   I hope not.   Anywayyyy, I hope all is well.   Toodles.   Ok bye.



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