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Review | Alexis Ren X ColourPop Topaz Palette

From top to bottom: Golden Moment (bronzer), She's Here to Stay (highlight)

Would you believe me if I told you I've had this beaute in my position for a while now.   Better late than never right?!  Other makeup  priorities I guess.  

I'll admit, the bronzer isn't a shade I would normally gravitate towards.   At first glance it appears to be a liiiittle too light for my NC45 skin tone.  So I planned on using it as a blush.  But I am pleased to report it is visible and looks absolutely stunning.   It provides a beautiful, natural contour but you can definitely build it up to be more defined.   I find some bronzers can appear too muddy on the skin and this one leaves a very beautiful sun kissed look.  It provides just enough warmth to the face without looking ashy.   I love it.   I did experience some kick back though so the formula is a bit powdery.   It makes me feel like I'm wasting product but I still adore it nonetheless.  

Now let's talk about this highlighter thoughhhh. 

Ugh Colourpop, you did that!

It is absolutely stunningggg!   The perfect shade of gold.  It's pigmented AF and the formula is a dream.   It's very smooth and finely milled.  Not too glittery, not powdery or chalky.  Doesn't emphasize texture etc, etc.   It also blends really beautiful and is super buildable.  You can def achieve a subtle, natural glow or a full on glow to the gawds like me.  Haha.  People of color you must try this!  You need it.  *Mentlally adds to the summer rotation list* 

I'm actually wearing the duo right now as I write this.  They pair perfectly together.  Obsessed.

I know I say this allll the time but can you believe it's May?!  Oh lawd make it stop!  This year is just going by waaaayyyy too fast.  Someone said they prayed for the next four years to go by fast as hell soooo maybe that's why.   Lol lol.  If you catch my drift.  ;)  Ok I'm done.  Happy almost Firdayyyyy!!!!



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