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Issa Nude Lip!

Boo thang Brown Sugar is literally on it's last leg.


So the hunt for a new fave nude lipstick is back on.  

Cause there's honestly no such thing as having too many.  Am I right?!

Meet Chi.
After hearing so many women of color buzz about this baby I just had to see what all the hype was about.

ColourPop describes it as a cool tone nude beige and I'd say it definitely has more of a greyish tone.  It actually reminds me a little of MAC Stone.

At first I just wasn't completely sold.   But after playing around with it a few more times, adding lip liners etc, I would now like to report I am a fan.  No, it's not my absolute fave nude lip of all time.

*Brown Sugar, I see you boo! lol*

But it is a contender I guess.  Or whatever.  No shade either lol!  The texture is the standard ultra matte lip from ColourPop.  Gotta have me a matte lip.  Always!  I do find more than one layer can get a bit messy.  And it can start flaking just a bit.  So exfoliating prior to application might be necessary.  

It's pretty though.  I even hear it's a dupe for Kylie's Dolce K so there's that.

So what's your favorite nude?  It looks like the hunt may still be on.  I'd love your recommendation!  Lots of love.  Gotta go.  Byeeee.  <3



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