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ABH Aurora Glow Kit

From top to bottom:  Eclipse, Luna, Spectra, Helia, Orion, Lyra 

I promise I wasn't planning on picking up yet another Glow Kit.


But the heart wants what the heart wants, mmkay?! Lol.

Umm can we please just take a moment to acknowledge this baby?!  Anastasia and Norvina have done it again!

The Aurora Glow Kit is a true show stopper.  It is absolutely stunninggggg.  So bomb!

Each shade is super pigmented and crazy intense.  To be expected.  And the formula is on point.  They're not chalky or powdery but instead very smooth.  They provide that wet foiled look without using a setting spray.   But of course I'll be using one.  Highlight on fleek.  Just how I like it!

I can't even lie I thought I would be most excited about Spectra, that gorgeous lilac color with pink reflects.  But I must say Eclipse has definitely stolen my heart!   It's a lovely peach with bits of glitter.  I'm completely shocked.  It is truly the underdog and fits in perfectly with my peach-y coral-y phase I'm still currently going through.   I wore it the other day with Kylie X Rated blush and omg I was blown away.  Beautiful combination!

There is one shade I'm not entirely sold on though.  Luna.  Don't get me wrong it's certainly charming.  I mean look at it!!  A stunning silver with pink glitter reflects.  Ugh GORG!  But I can totally see it getting ashy on darker skin.  So I've been layering it on top of other shades or whatever.   Muuuch better.  :)

I know this Kit isn't for the faint hearted.  And each shade is a little intimidating.  But please give it a go!  Especially if you love color and if you're a person of color.  Haha.  It was made for us!!  Thank me later.

Sooo I picked up a few foundation samples at Sephora the other day.  I'm gonna be spending the next few days or so testing them out on my snap and/or IG so be sure to follow along to hear my thoughts.  And to keep up with me in real time cause I'm so freaking awesome! Lol lol.  Username is queeenashley.  Ok bye. <3



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