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Review | Kylie Cosmetics Blushes

From top to bottom:  X Rated, Barely Legal, Virginity, Hot and Bothered, Hopeless Romantic

Of course the newly released Kylie blushes caught my attention.  More blusher please!  Haha.

Side note: would you believe I actually had a debate with myself about picking these babies up?  Because I did.  Yes, I do have some restraint you guys! Lol lol. *Eyeroll*  


I picked up the bundle which includes five gorgeous blushes.

Guys.  Everything is on point.

The packaging is super cute, chic and girly.  The names are hilarious.

And I love the beautiful variety of colors.  Each shade is really packed with pigment and the texture is an absolute dream.  It's not really powdery yet not completely creamy.   They're matte but with a slight sheen.  The formula actually reminds me of those Clinique Pop blushes.  Love it.

They can definitely be worn to achieve full opacity or toned down for a more wearable look if that's your thangggg.  And they're super easy to work with.  Blending is effortless.

As of today every shade has graced my beautiful face (hehe) and I have to say X Rated is definitely my fave at the moment.   It fits in perfectly with my peach-y coral-y phase I'm currently going through.  I know right.  WHO AM I?!  Lol.  The only shade I'm not completely sold on is Barely Legal.  It's certainly more on the pale pink side.  Not even gonna lie it looked a liiiittle ashy on me or whatever.   A huge no no.

Other than that I absolutely adore these cuties and am so very delighted to call them mine.

You seriously have to give Kylie some props.   Her brand is hyped like no other but in my opinion her products really do have amazing quality.  Still need to work on them prices a bit though.   Just saying.    :)

My review of the Aurora Glow Kit should be up sometime this week so make sure to come back for that.  PS wanna see what X Rated looks like on?  Head to my snap it'll be gone soon!  Username is queeenashley.  Hope you're all doing well!!!  Toodles.



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