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Fall Red-y

Meet my new go to red lip, Arriba

From the most recent ColourPop X IluvSarahii collab.  I meaaaan.  You know I can never turn down a bomb ass red lipstick or whatever.  Let's be honest.  Lol lol.  They're basically my fave lip to wear! 
Wearing Arriba UML 

Arriba is a stunning warm true red. 

Literally the second I saw it I knew I'd love it.  It is so bold and beautiful.  Totally up my street.  

When I say I'm obsessed with this bad boy you guys I really mean it.  I love it so much and can't stop wearing it.  And if this isn't one of the most comfortable ultra matte liquid lipsticks from ColourPop. I mean damn!  I don't know if they changed their formula but these wear much more comfortably than saaayyy the originals.  A pleasant surprise.  

It has been ages since I've had the urge to wear a bold lip.  Let alone a red one.  But I can def see myself wearing this baby loads more in the future. 

Every one needs a bad ass, all eyes on me classic red lip. 

Soooo what I'm basically saying is you need Arriba.  Absolutely.  Instant bad bitch.  Thank me later.  Mmkay?!  Lol lol.  

Love you.  K bye. <3



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