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ColourPop X Karrueche She Eyeshadow Palette

From top to bottom: Ladylike, Babe, Dainty, Chick, Mademoiselle, Gal, Empress, Filly, Dear, Missy, Damsel, Duchess

How gorgeous is this palette you guys?!  I die. 

The Karrueche X ColourPop She Eyeshadow Palette was yet another must have to the stash. 

Can you blame me though?! I mean LOOK AT IT!  It is so glam and totally me. 

I love me a glittery palette and ColourPop came through with the shimmer shades.  A whole eight.  That's over half!  Wow.  I am so here for it.

And I'm obsessed with the shade range.  There's such a lovely variation of pinks, purples, silvers and golds.  They're super pigmented too.   And they blend together so very beautifully.  Almost effortlessly.  Like the Yes, Please! Palette I did experience a bit of fall out with the matte shades but that's to be expected.  I find with the shimmer shades you don't even have to wet your brush with setting spray, water etc.  But of course I do cause I just love the wet foiled eye look.  It's my thang or whatever lol.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I do wish there were a couple more neutral brown shades in the palette for blending, transitioning purposes.  But other than that this palette is banging.  Cheap AF but still amazing quality.  I am so in love.

And let's not forget about that bomb ass packaging.  YASSSS!  Super cute.

So basically what I'm saying is you need it.  Trust me.

My apologies btw as this post was supposed to go up ages ago.  My bad my bad.  I promise I'm working on it.  I hope all is well.  Lots of love.  Toodles.



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