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Latest Lipstick Crush #3

 More ColourPop please! Lol lol.
Are ya'll tired of hearing about them yet orrr nah?!  Haha.

So I picked up Virginia.  One of the lippies from the Karrueche Fem Rosa Collex.

A very pretty berry red.
Wearing Virginia USL 

Leave it to ColourPop to make me fall in love with lipstick again. 

Not even gonna lie I'm totally in love with this shade.   At first glance it kind of reminded me of Panda so of course I had to swatch the two.  But Panda is much more purple.  And the formula is so bomb.  As per ush for ColourPop's satin lipsticks.  They're super smooth and not drying at all.  

You know my little thang I have for purple lipsticks so of course Virginia was a necessity.  Speaking of purple, I'm sure you know I may or may not be copping Wicked from Kylie's Halloween Collex. Please don't debate me on this.  I need it.  Haha  I need to go on a no buy again stat.  It has gotten out of hand! 

PS three posts this week?!  I did the damn thing, huh?!  Lol.  Hope all is well.  Have a fab weekend.  Byeeee.  <3



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