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3 Concealers in Rotation

It's no secret I'm basically obsessed with complexion products at the moment.  Especially concealer.  So here's a quick little roundup of some I've been wearing in rotation lately. 

Wet N' Wild Photo Focus Concealer (Dark Cocoa)
Lately you can find me rocking this baby.  It has quickly become my go to.  I honestly have no idea why I ever stopped using it.  I love it so much.  It is definitely full coverage.  You only need a little.  But what I love about it the most is it is crazy affordable.  Only four bucks sis.  And it's a Tarte Shape Tape dupe.  Ummm yes please!  Go ahead and get this.  I'll wait. I need backups on top of backups myself. (Full post HERE)

Colourpop No Filter Concealer (Tan 50 and Deep Golden 60)
Yet another concealer I totally forgot about that's absolutely amazing.  I often like using it as foundation.  It is that good.  It's full coverage, super pigmented and looks so beautiful on the skin.  Not even gonna lie the shade range is pretty shitty but other than that this concealer is fab. Gotta love ColourPop or whatever.  Lol lol.  (Full post HERE)

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Deep) 
I love this concealer so much you guys.  Omg. I hate falling for the hype but this one right here!! It is so real.  I'm actually wearing it right now as I write this.  The consistency is a bit on the heavy side but I think that's what helps make this look so stunning.  I forgot how easy it is to work with too.  Now if they could just work on that shade range.  I meeeeean.  Let's be real.  Haha.  (Full post HERE)

What are some of your favorite concealers at the moment?  Let me know in the comments below.  PS did anyone pick anything up from the new Fenty Beauty Collection?!  I'll be copping my order from Sephora tomorrow thank you very much.  Haha.  Have a fabulous weekend.  Love you k bye!



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