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Eat. Sleep. Fenty Beauty. Repeat.

Ok two things: 1. I'm officially a gloss girl and 2. I blame Fenty Beauty.

The Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb is so divine.  I'm smitten. 

Wearing Fenty Beauty Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb

The formula is literally perfection.  It's not too creamy or sticky like some glosses I've tried.  MAC I'm looking at you.  It's actually really comfortable.  And do you see that glitter thoughhhhh!!  I'm so here for it.   The color is great too.  A gorgeous my lips but better shade that I think every beauty needs in their stash.  It smells amazing too.  I love that.  

So I guess what I'm saying is basically I'm obsessed.  I've been wearing it faithfully and I honestly think I need a backup.  Lol of course.  

Have you tried her yet?!  What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.  And be sure to come back for tomorrow's post. 

K byeeeeee. 



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