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From top to bottom: Xtra Terrestrial, Lightyear, Planet X, Oh-Zone, Ultraviolit, Sublime, Milky Way, Cosmic Ocean, Meteor Crush, Jupiter Sand, Mars on Fire, Midnight Bolt, Space Owt, Sunburst

Not even gonna lie.  At first glance the Galaxy Palette appeared so basic to me.  But after careful reconsideration, I determined it was a must to the stash. 

Can you blame me though?!  I mean look at this palette.  Allll of that glitter.  Hellooooo! 

Stun. Ing.

First things first.  Lets talk about that packaging.  Absolutely breathtaking.  So chic.  So glam.  So edgy.  So Rihanna.  I love it.

And I love the beautiful variation of shades.  No color is left out.   I think that's what I adore the most about this palette.   The versatility is on a whole nother level.  Ok and the shimmer. The glitz. The glam.  Totally me!

Swatches don't even do it justice.  It's much more pigmented in person.  The quality is insane too.  It's definitely glittery but you don't even need a setting spray, water etc.  Fall out isn't that serious and it even blends beautifully.  I'm literally obsessed.  My new go to palette for sure.

Makeup looks are literally endless.  Here are just a few I've created.

So, are we in love or are we in love?! Trust me when I say this.  You need this palette, sis.  Yes, need. Lol.

Btw yayyyy welcome to my #EverydayDecember #Blogmas series.  Where I'll be sharing new content with you guys every single day for the month of December! I have lots to share.  Make sure to come back tomorrow.

Love you.  K bye. And get this palette.  Don't let it sell out now haha. Hope all is well.  Toodles.



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